Good afternoon,

The founder and CEO of Infinite Campus, Mr. Charlie Kratsch has released a statement regarding the outages with Infinite Campus.  The OPI AIM Help Desk will send an update once we have more information.

Infinite Campus Manages Latest DDOS Attack 

Infinite Campus is one of the largest student information systems in America and our data centers are frequently under attack from a variety of sources. The attack this week is different; its volume is 50 times greater and the duration is already 100 times longer than anything we’ve experienced before. To be clear, this is not a data breach and we have not been hacked; attacks like these limit our customers’ ability to reach our applications. 

The latest series of attacks began Monday, September 17 and included multiple customers and data centers. After we successfully mitigated the initial wave of attacks, they adapted to strike our DNS providers which is affecting other businesses and organizations. Homeland Security is now involved and we’ve hired additional security experts to assure all data is safe and to track down the attack perpetrators. 

We will continue to work as a team with our service providers, consultants, the government and our customers to expand the tools used to suppress future attacks and ensure all data remains protected.