Current and Upcoming Collections

1/2/19 - 1/18/19 Assessment Registration

This data collection is about making sure schools get the appropriate testing materials for their currently enrolled students!  The Assessment Registration Collection identifies students enrolled on 1/24/19 who are required to take the Criteria-Referenced Test (CRT), the ACT, and Smarter Balanced testing. The CRT Science and CRT Alternate Science test will be taken by students in Grades 4, 8, and 10. The Smarter Balanced English Language Arts (ELA) and Math tests will be taken by students in Grades 3-8. The ACT will be taken by students in Grade 11. Students must be entered into AIM prior to 1/24/19 when initial registration data is sent to the test vendors; however, the OPI will continue to send subsequent updated files to the test vendors, and testing requirements apply for students enrolled after 1/24/19. The Assessment Registration User Guide explains the process for (1) generating barcode labels for students taking the Science CRT and ACT tests; and (2) preparing enrollment data for the OPI to export for registering students to take the Montana Smarter Balanced Tests online.

2/4/19 - 2/8/19 Spring Count of Enrollment and Aggregate Hours 

The Spring Enrollment Count Collection is used to collect the Aggregate Hours of Instruction for all students enrolled on the OPI count date 2/4/19 (the first Monday in February). After checking and verifying their data, districts will import their student data from AIM/Infinite Campus into the OPI MAEFAIRS system.  This system will determine the count of students to be used in the calculation of Average Number of Belonging (ANB), which is used for school funding. The spring enrollment data must be accurate for enrollments as of February 4, 2019. If there are no classes held on that date, use the next regularly scheduled school day. This collection absolutely ends February 8, 2019. For further guidance, please see the MAEFAIRS Student Count for ANB and the AIM & MAEFAIRs User Guide.