OPI AIM News Bulletin Feb. 2019



Updates and Work in Progress in the AIM Unit:

  • MT Edition only: New OPI standard disclaimer security message on Infinite Campus login screen
    • This is to comply with State of Montana Policy regarding password security.

  •  MT Edition only: Discussions regarding automated upload process
    • The OPI AIM staff is starting to have discussions with PowerSchool company staff, school district staff and Infinite Campus. At this time the requirements are being defined.  This process will need to be approved by the OPI administration before finalized.

  •  Adding Dutch Language to Home Primary Language list
    • Please let us know if there are other languages that should be added.

  • Progress is being made on updating the AIM Data Dictionary on the AIM website.


  • Developing AIM online trainings
    • These trainings will be for all districts and will be topic specific about our AIM Collections. They will be targeted toward district groups such as new users, advanced users along with separate Montana Edition and District Edition sections/versions

  • Preparing for an AIM forum
    • This is an effort to increase our collaboration, communication and district participation in discussions, we will be developing an online forum.  The forum will be open for all districts, OPI staff and Infinite Campus participants. 

  • Preparing for the MAEFAIRS data certification to be done in Infinite Campus next year.
    • We are planning on having districts certifying their Oct. and Feb. enrollment count data in AIM next year instead of the districts having to import their data into MAEFAIRS and certifying it there. 

Upcoming AIM Events:

  • Upcoming AIM Spring CTE (Career and Technical Education) Collection dates: 3/1/19 – 4/30/19
  • Infinite Campus Version Update Schedule:
    • 1849 and 1901 updates on the weekend of April 5th, 2019
    • 1905 and 1909 updates on the weekend of April 26th, 2019
    • 1913 and 1917 updates on the weekend of July 26th, 2019
  •  Highlights of Infinite Campus Release Notes for 1849 and 1901
    • 1849 - ESSA Days Absent field will only allow values of < 200 days
    • 1849 - Enrollment Summary Detail report is fixed to only show students at their current school. (List matches counts from Enrollment Summary Report)
    • 1901 – Home Primary Language dropdown field will list languages alphabetically
    • 1901 - When a user double clicks IEP it will only allow the user to read the IEP.


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