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Below is a list of upcoming grant deadlines and reminders for Grants ending June 30th.

Grants Ending June 30th:

Cash requests & Final Expenditure Report Deadlines:
> After the Final Expenditure Report deadline, no new grant payments will be processed and paid until the Final Expenditure is received.
> Final Expenditure Report’s received by the OPI after August 10th must have Centralized Services of the OPI’s Approval prior to submittal.

These grant projects include:

Please remember that payments can be made on Final Expenditure Reports for those who have submitted at least one cash request within the grant period. If you have not submitted a cash request over the duration of the grant period, you must submit a cash request and a Final Expenditure Report.
Instructions for completing the Final Expenditure Report:
Final Expenditure Reports are located within the Payments section of E-Grants, on the same page where users would create a cash request.
Please contact the appropriate federal grant accountant with questions. 
Juli Tenneson 444-3408 or Leisa Blanton 444-4403