Happy Holidays! Welcome to the inaugural issue of the MBI newsletter, Montana Brilliant Ideas! This newsletter has been designed to provide you with current information and updates for MBI activities as well as evidence-based practices. This newsletter will arrive in your email box once a month.

Important Upcoming Dates in January

Sessions 2 & 3 in Billings
  • January 23, 2017

Sessions 2 & 3 in Missoula:
  • January 30, 2017

MBI Activties

Information (Data):
  • Review ODR graphs, attendance, & academic data
Planning Systems:
  • Conduct PBIS School-Wide meeting(s)
  • Develop needed Cool Lesson(s) & schedule time to teach
  • Process Team Implementation Checklist & do Action Plan
  • Review Action Plan
  • Plan motivator to keep staff using PBIS
  • Plan for re-teaching of expectations 1st day back from break
  • Teach scheduled Cool Tool(s)
  • Conduct grade level celebrations
Communication with Staff:
  • Present school-wide data update AND decide which behaviors/procedures need to be taught/retaught/acknowledged at high rate

Research-Based MBI/PBIS Big 3 Articles

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What is the Montana Behavioral Initiative?

The term initiative refers to proactive efforts by family, community, and school leaders to identify and prioritize concerns, teach acceptable alternatives to inappropriate behaviors and create a culture of respect in the academic setting.  With this in mind, Montana Behavioral Initiative (MBI) is  a content-based staff development philosophy and process designed to meet students’ diverse and complex social, emotional, and academic needs.
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MBI Related Articles From Around the State

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Previous MBI Events

Montana Youth Days

Youth Days Helena was a success overall.  We had 266 students and over 50 chaperones who spent Sunday learning about acceptance, health, and what service learning looks like.  

On Monday morning, students and chaperones headed out to different service sites in Helena and volunteered doing things like pulling weeds, reading to students, stuffing mailers, and working with residents at assisted living homes.  The students came back with smiles on their faces and great stories about how helping out made them feel better.  In addition to very positive comments from the students were emails and phone calls of thanks from several of out sites.  When students were sharing out about their experiences, the enthusiasm and emotion in their voices said it all.  Youth Days continues to be a very positive learning experience that changes students’ lives.

We had 146 students from 15 schoosl who did service-learning work at 16 service sites, which included child care centers, assisted living homes, and other sites in Billings who helped out the less fortunate.  The students brought over 150 canned food items to take tothe Billings Food Bank.

"I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and for sending us the kids to volunteer from this program!  They were great and it was a lot of fun!  The helped us decorate a couple of trees and make out lobby festive for the holiday seasn!

I would love to sent them each a thank you, but not sure you have anyway of knowing which kids were where.  If you do have this information I would appreciate it if you could send it with me!  Even it it's jsut the kids names and the school they are from!" - Kim Gottwals, Volunteer Coordinator, Billings YMCA 

-Virg Hale

High School Forum

High School Forum took place at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman, this year.  We had an outstanding turnout with at least 120 participants.  The keynote speaker was Heather Robbins, whom gave an outstanding presentation, both days.  Thanks goes out to the various presenters and schools that presented during the various breakout sessions.

"I want to send my thoughts on the MTSS high school forum this week in Bozeman. It was awesome! We gleaned tons of information from those that presented and we thought it was extremely relevant to what we are doing here at Fergus HS. Thank you for your work in making this happen. It was very well organized and my staff came back to school energized and ready to work. I'm only sad that more of our team wasn't able to make it. I hope you plan to make this seminar an annual tradition!” - Jeff Friesen, Asst. Principal, Fergus High School

- Chris Mantei

PBIS Tier Support

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Susan Bailey-Anderson
, MBI State Coordinator, 406-444-2046.

Iris Ziegler, SCT Grant Coordinator, 406-444-0923