This is your final reminder to make any necessary changes in TEAMS. This screen will close at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. Your data in TEAMS is extremely important as it is directly tied to your State VoEd Funding. Anyone currently assigned any of the following roles in TEAMS can make the necessary change: Authorized Representative (AR), HS District Data Entry or HS School Data Entry.  If you have already made the necessary changes in TEAMS, please disregard this message.


Technical TEAMS questions should be directed to Danielle Murphy, TEAMS Project Manager, by phone at 406.444.1625 or send her an email at: Questions regarding the Perkins Federal Grant Program data requirements or CTE-related questions should be directed at Christy Hendricks, CTE/Perkins Data Specialist, by phone at 406.444.9019 or send her an email at: