The 2017-2018 Federal Carl D. Perkins E-Grant application opens June 30
 and is available for public high school districts to open and complete.  The allocations loaded into the E-Grants system are FINAL numbers. This means you can create a new application for 2017-2018 and begin working on it. The following are deadlines for the 2018 Carl D. Perkins Grant:

perkins 2018.png

According to the Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006, allocation calculations are based on current U.S. Census poverty and population counts. Local Distribution of Funds to Secondary Education Programs are distributed by formula based on school district Poverty counts (70%) and Population counts (30%). In addition, any unobligated or unspent Perkins monies from the prior year are redistributed by formula to all high schools. The distribution explanation can be found in Part C Section 131(1) and (2) on pages 130 and 131 of the Perkins Act of 2006, The Official Guide. 

For questions about the Carl D. Perkins Federal Grant program, or about your application, please contact one of the following:

RENEE ERLANDSEN, Health Science Education Specialist, email: or by phone at 406.994.6986

CHRISTY HENDRICKS, CTE/Perkins Data Control Specialist, email: or by phone at 406.444.9019

For questions about the E-Grant program, contact KARLA BEAGLES at or by phone at 406.444.0764