2015 AYP Determination Results

The 2015 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) determinations have been completed. The improvement statuses for some districts and schools have changed as a result of the process.  However, the interventions required by NCLB for all Montana districts and schools remain unchanged.

Student performance was not used as part of the AYP Determination Process for 2015 after Superintendent Juneau requested and received a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education.

To determine a district or school AYP status at the high school level, only the annual graduation rate measurable objective of 85 percent was used in this process. For the K-8 level, only the annual attendance rate measurable objective of 80 percent was used.

Unlike past years, districts will not receive a letter regarding district or school AYP status or Improvement status since NCLB required interventions remain unchanged.

If you are interested in seeing the statewide results of the AYP Determination Process for schools and districts, they can be found in the School AYP Report and the District AYP Report.

If you have questions, contact Dennis Parman at dparman@mt.gov or 444-5643.