The OPI School Finance Division has completed updating the Post Legislative FY 2018 General Fund Budget Data Sheets and Excel spreadsheet to reflect legislative funding changes in House Bill 2 and HB 191

The FY 2018 General Fund Budget Data Sheets can be accessed at this link: CLICK HERE

The FY 2018 General Fund Excel spreadsheet can be accessed at this link:  CLICK HERE.

NOTE:  Please download this current version of the spreadsheet to your computer. Previous versions are no longer applicable for preliminary budget purposes.

HB 2 and HB 191 provide for an inflationary increase in the Basic entitlement; the Per-ANB entitlements, the At-Risk Student entitlement, American Indian Achievement Gap payment, the Indian Education for All payment, the Data For Achievement payment, the Quality Educator payment, and Special Education.

Please contact the following individuals with questions:

Kara Sperle, Division Administrator (406) 444-3249 or  
Mari Haefka, Financial Specialist (406) 444-1960 or
Paul Taylor, Budget Analyst (406) 444-3659 or

If you need assistance accessing files, please contact:  Debbie Casey at (406) 444-3096.