Each year the U.S. Department of Education requires all states to report a count of students, ages 3-21, who were in special education on a day that falls between October 1 and December 1. In order for the OPI to provide this information to the USDE, all Montana schools must report a list of students who were in special education on the first Monday in October (Montana’s official Child Count day). The Child Count Data Verification application is provided as the avenue for schools to submit their special education information to the OPI.

The application is now open. Assigned users may go into the application and begin verifying the Child Count list for each school. The list may be submitted between October 3, 2016 (Montana's official Child Count day), and November 20, 2016. The eight weeks between the opening of the application and the deadline provide an opportunity for districts to review the Child Count list for accuracy and make changes as necessary. Because the list is created from AIM data, changes to the list must originate in AIM.

The following information must be in AIM for students to appear on Child Count:

 •           a completed, locked IEP that is active on Child Count day;

•           a completed, locked Evaluation Report with an age-appropriate disability;

•           an age-appropriate Setting of Service; and

•           an enrollment on or prior to the Child Count date.

The Child Count Help Manual (found under Help at the top of the application) contains more detailed information about verifying your Child Count list.

 The link to the application is: https://apps.opi.mt.gov/SPEDApplicationsPortal/frmLogin.aspx. A user name is generally the first letter of the first name and the entire last name.

For additional information or questions, please contact:

Jan Duiker
Special Education Division