Greetings.  I hope that your fall has been a pleasant one.  Recently, a concern has arisen regarding the development of annual IEPs in AIM.  The Infinite Campus system has a core functionality that allows a case manager to copy the student’s most recent IEP forward into a new IEP.  We have learned that this functionality is being used by a number of case managers across the state. This practice is problematic for two reasons.  First, when the IEP is copied in this manner, the “new” IEP will not be synced to the state edition.  Unfortunately, this means that none of the data that the OPI draws from the IEP will be available.  This will impact many of our data verification processes and will create a great deal of work for the director, case manager, and OPI staff.  Secondly, copying into a new IEP raises the risk of repeating outdated information in the IEP, and this may compromise the “individualized” and “reviewed annually” aspects of the education plan.

Because the functionality is part of the Infinite Campus core product we cannot have it disabled to prevent its use.  We are asking that you encourage your staff to refrain from using the copy functionality to ensure that all current and accurate data are imported into the state system for data reporting purposes.

Thank you,


Frank Podobnik

Special Education Division Administrator
Montana Office of Public Instruction

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