The Exiting Data Verification application is now open.

The Special Education Exiting Data Verification is a count of students with disabilities (IDEA), ages 14 through 21, who exit special education between July 1 and June 30.

 Methods of exiting include:

•   Return to regular education
•   Move or transfer out of district
•   Age out
•   Drop out
•   Graduate
•   Death

For a student to appear on the Exiting Data Verification list, the following special education-specific data elements must be in AIM:

•   a locked IEP, current as of July 1, 2016
•   a locked Evaluation Report, dated prior to July 1, 2016
•   an Exit Date and Exit Reason in the Special Education Fields on the Enrollment Tab

 Important note: Do not submit your data until the last day your school is in session.

 The Exiting application will be open through August 16 so special education students who graduate in the summer can be included on the list of Exiting students. For a summer graduate to appear on the Exiting list, the student’s enrollment end date will need to reflect the last day of the regular school year. If you anticipate summer graduates, please do not submit Exiting until you verify these students have graduated and appear on the Exiting list.

 The link to the Exiting application is:

 If you are an assigned user, your user name is generally the first letter of your first name and your entire last name. If you don’t remember your password, click “Forgot password?” If this is your first time to log in, click “New User?” and the system will e-mail a password to you. Copy and paste the e-mailed password into the password area rather than attempting to type it. After you log in the Exiting User Manual may be found under the Help tab at the top of the page.

 Thank you, Jan Duiker

 For additional information, please contact:

Jan Duiker
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