Good morning everyone!

The special education division at OPI is working on putting together an orientation in the fall for new/newer directors.  With having to say goodbye to so many of our colleagues over the last few years, we have quite a few new people joining the ranks.

At this point we have some general ideas about what will be presented, but before we finalize things, we wanted to let you know what was in the works and get some feedback regarding who you would recommend attend.  At this time we are thinking new directors (in the last two years) and those in your systems that are prospective directors.  The OPI would like the opportunity to get to know these folks, continuing to build and strengthen the relationships that have been the reason students in Montana are able to get the needed services. 

Please let me know of anyone you feel would benefit from a training such as this – name, school/coop, e-mail.   This will help us finalize.  We look forward to hearing from you all and will let you know more as we know more. 

Thanks again for all you do!

Jenifer Cline
chool Improvement and Compliance Specialist
        Phone: 406-444-4426


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