Please share this information with your Special Education teachers.


On December 29, 2017, we will be taking an update in the AIM system that will impact the special education module.

      1.   When creating forms in the special education module, the Documents Wizard name of Create New Simple Form has been changed to Create Custom Form. All information that resided in the Create New Simple Form area remains the same.

       2.   Prior Written Notice (PWN) editors have been added to both the Evaluation Report and IEP Plan documents. These have been added to help school districts ensure that all the required components of a PWN are completed (34 CFR § 300.503).

                         a.  These editors must be completed each time an Evaluation Report and/or IEP Plan is created.           

                         b.  The PWN forms can now also be found within the Create Custom Form Document Wizard to be used when needed outside of an IEP or Evaluation Report meeting. They are broken down to use for three request types. 

                                            -  Prior Written Notice - Combined                                   

                                            -  Prior Written Notice - Eval                                  

                                            -  Prior Written Notice - IEP 

     3.   When working inside an IEP, the Participants editor is now before the Approval editor in all the IEP options (MT 3-5 Year Old IEP, MT IEP, and MT Transition IEP).

     4.   For an amendment on an IEP created after November 2017, the Amendment Date will now print out on the first page.

In our last update, Progress Reports were updated to now have a mandatory Data and Description field. We have heard from several districts that multiple people may be working on the progress report for a student and only fill out the goal area pertinent to them. Because this is now a mandatory field, and you cannot save until all field areas have data in them, we suggest putting in an asterisk or some other type of placeholder in fields that currently do not have data, thus allowing you to save your information. It is the responsibility of each individual working on a student’s goals to make sure they are adding the pertinent information into their area.

If you have questions, or problems within the special education module of your AIM site, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy holidays!

Mary Graff
Special Education Data Specialist
Phone: (406) 444-0685