The OPI Montana Autism Education Project is has sponsored several ADOS trainings in the last few years. We continue to get requests for more ADOS trainings but because this is a very expensive training, we need to determine how many districts are currently using the ADOS to evaluate students for special education eligibility.

Below is the link to a three-question survey on ADOS usage. Please ONLY reply to the survey IF:

1. Your district or cooperative is currently using or has used the ADOS to evaluate students for eligibility for special education services. This can include ADOS evaluations for which you pay an outside provider or have an agreement with another education agency. Do not include ADOS evaluations which were NOT conducted specifically to determine eligibility under IDEA and were done by a non-school agency such as a Part C provider or a private provider.

2. You are a special education director of a district or cooperative. We will have a separate, more detailed usage survey for those who have attended ADOS trainings in the past.

Please respond to the survey here by June 21st.

Thank you,

Doug Doty

OPI Montana Autism Education Project