To: All N&D Facility Managers and Directors

This is an update to the previous email. We are aware of the problems with the survey website. The survey was closed, and the errors have been corrected. If you have already submitted a survey please contact Shawna Pieske at 444-5660 or at, to determine if you will need to resubmit your data.

Please use the NEW LINK included in this email to access the survey. The old link has been closed and will not work.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Carrie Kouba – State Title I, Part D Coordinator

The OPI’s Title I D – Neglected & Delinquent Program is conducting the Annual Federal Fall Count Survey. Please click on the following link to complete the survey for the 2018 count. This survey must be submitted electronically by December 20, 2017. Your answers are important and will impact the federal funding that provides educational services to the children in facilities across Montana.

Your answers should include all children who have spent at least one 24 hour period in your facility during the Fall Count Window. The window is a 30 day period beginning September 2 and ending on November 29 and must include at least one day in October. The 30 day period that you select for your reporting window should include the period of time when you have the highest daily enrollment in your facility.

*Only count children who have been placed in your facility by Child and Family Services or Juvenile Justice/Department of Corrections. Children who have been placed in your facility by parents/guardians for therapeutic treatment, and who may leave the facility at any time without a court hearing may not be counted.