Big Idea #1: Three Forks is Hosting a Googlefest 

Register to be a part of "Celebrating Google Goodness" on August 16th at Three Forks Schools.  Beyond the Chalk will be there to present, as well as Darrin Hudgins, Nancy Mangum, and Robert DoBell.  

The event will focus on integrating Google Tools into schools across Montana and give you an opportunity to learn from fellow Google users. The cost is $100, will include renewal units, and a lunch. Learn more here


Big Idea #2: An Autism Blog 

The Montana Autism Education Project regularly blogs on all topics related to autism - including autism in adulthood, assistive technology, the latest apps, and more. It's regularly updated and also includes information about upcoming training and webinars. Check it out here

Big Idea #3: Incremental Changes More Effective

Are radical transformations to a teacher's instructional practice realistic or the best approach? Harvard University Graduate School of Education Professor Jon Star argues that small changes in practice stick better.  

Star notes that major changes in practice "have been unrealistic for many teachers even under ideal professional learning conditions. A focus on incremental change begins with the elements of instruction that teachers recognize, support, and/or perceive themselves to be already using and then leverages these instructional practices for future change." Read more.  

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