Training for Special Education Teachers and Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs)

The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) will be conducting an additional training session for novice special educators this October, which will give participants an overview of each special education document and the procedures for completing the form in the Achievement in Montana (AIM) system. Participants will have the opportunity to receive hands-on experience in completing the documents and navigating the AIM system. The focus will be on instructing beginning educators so they can be knowledgeable about the compliance requirements and gain confidence in using the AIM system for documentation.

In addition, information will be given on building positive communication with parents and school staff, and organizing and managing constructive learning environments. The participants will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding special education and to share any concerns.


                        Ruth Miller, School Improvement Monitor Specialist, OPI/Division of Special Education

                        Mary Graff, AIM Special Education Data Specialist, OPI/Division of Special Education


Recommended Participants: The training will be for special education teachers and speech/language pathologists who are:

  1. newly hired to special education;
  2. recently hired (one to three years) as a special education teacher/SLP;
  3. an experienced teacher/SLP, but new to special education; or
  4. an experienced special education teacher/SLP, but newly hired in Montana.


Training Date

The training session will be from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, and participants will be asked to bring a lunch, as we will be working through lunch to get through all the information. 


Registration will be limited to 15 participants. Please use the link below to register. When registering, make sure to enter your e-mail information, as your confirmation will be sent out by the end of September to the e-mail listed.

If you have questions, please contact Ruth Miller at 406-444-1579 ( or Mary Graff at 406-444-0685 (