Big Idea #1 - Technology Infrastructure vs. Latest Devices 

School districts face a number of challenges when incorporating technology in the classroom. One of the challenges is deciding whether or not to update the technology infrastructure such as Wifi before updating or adding new devices, such as the latest iPad. The Renton School District in Washington State chose to update the technology infrastructure first. Read the article to learn how updating the technology infrastructure led to greater teamwork among teachers and administrators to meet the needs of students and teachers.

Big Idea #2 - Using Technology in English Language Arts

Technology is fast becoming a tool in every subject that can help students who struggle in a particular subject.  Read the article on how to help students struggling in English Language Arts with the help of technology.

Big Idea #3 - Hub courses for Technology in the Classroom

Geogebra is a multi-platform mathematics software that gives everyone a chance to experience the extraordinary insights that math makes possible. View 30 video demonstrations of how Geogebra can work in your classroom!

The Interactive Computer Tasks (ICT) Toolkit course allows teachers to try ICTs in a science setting.  There are tutorials on how to use ICTs and an opportunity to try ICTs in the classroom.

Insert your great idea here!  If you have an idea for a technology related Hub course email Jessica Bryant and we will work with you to make your idea a reality!

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