Big Idea #1 - New Teacher Learning Hub courses

Take courses on your own schedule, for free and earn renewal units!

 This month’s facilitated courses:

  • STREAM: courses designed to increase your Math knowledge plus how to embed STEM experiences in student learning.  Courses run November 28th – December 16th and are 15 renewal units each.
    • Geometric Thinking (K-3) & (4-7) sections
    • Movin’ Around: Transformation (7-9)
    • Geometry: Transformations (HS)

 New self-paced courses:

Big Idea #2 - New NOAA/NASA weather satellite

NOAA and NASA launched their new weather satellite, Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - R Series (GOES-R) on November 19, 2016. In honor of the launch, NOAA and NASA's SciJinks newsletter is dedicated to the new satellite. The satellite's website has instructions on how to make a Lego version of the satellite, as well as information about the features on the new satellite. 

Big Idea #3 - Updated Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Taxonomy has been used in the classroom for over 50 years to help teachers create activities to encourage use of higher-level skills. Recently, it has been updated for the 21st century classroom. Read the article to learn about the updates and lesson that used the new taxonomy.

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