Big Idea #1 - Sophomore Aerospace Scholars at the Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight in Seattle is looking for Montana sophomores and STEM teachers to participate in their Sophomore Washington Aerospace Scholars program. Students who participate the sophomore program are accepted into the Washington Aerospace Scholars program for juniors. Teachers who participate in the program receive stipends and summer residency at the Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake. Visit the Museum of Flight's website for applications and more information.  The deadline for teachers to apply is February 17, 2017 and the deadline for students to apply is February 24, 2017.

Big Idea #2 - Montana Teacher Leader in the Arts

2017-2018 Montana Teacher Leader in the Arts now taking applications! Do you believe in the power of arts learning to make a difference in the lives of students?  Do you want to take a leadership role in expanding arts education opportunities in your school and community?The Montana Office of Public Instruction and the Montana Arts Council are now recruiting educators across Montana for the third year of Montana Teacher Leaders in the Arts. Through this innovative program, MAC and the OPI seek to develop teacher leaders who can support other teachers statewide in integrating the arts into their classrooms. The program includes an on-site summer institute on arts learning, July 31-August 9, 2017 at Salish Kootenai College, online professional learning opportunities throughout the school year, and support for a field project in the arts in the teacher leader’s school or region.All K-12 teachers in Montana’s public schools, arts specialists and classroom teachers, as well as qualified teaching artists, are welcome to apply for the program.  

The deadline for application is Friday, February 24, 2017.  Contact Christy Mock-Stutz at the Montana Office of Public Instruction with any questions about the program: or (406) 444-0736. 

Big Idea #3 - New MEA-MFT paraprofessional course on the Teacher Learning Hub

MEA-MFT is hosting its 2017 Paraprofessionals Achieving Standards Successfully (PASS) course on the Teacher Learning Hub. Strategies in reading, writing, and math instruction will be covered. The reading portion of the course goes from February 27 to April 8th, while the math portion goes from April 10th to May 13. Pre-registration is required and there is a registration fee. Visit MEA-MFT's website for registration information and more details about the course.

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