Important Notice for Districts That Have Schools Operating a Schoolwide Title I Program


Each year, schools that operate a schoolwide Title I program must update their schoolwide plans.  The window to update those plans is now open.  The window will remain open until July 31, 2017.  To access schoolwide plans, login to the Continuous School Improvement Plan on the Office of Public Instruction’s webpage.  Click on Print Reports or Enter Schoolwide Planning.  Next, select an individual school, and then click the Schoolwide Planning button.  Enter the first day of school for SY2017-18 as the start date, and then click the radio button for REVISED.  This will carry most of last year’s plan forward.  If you have questions about completing the update, please contact Jack O’Connor, Heather Denny, or Shawna Pieske at 406-444-5660.