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Big Idea #1 - How Maker Mindsets Can Be An Easy Fit For Rural Schools

Corvallis High School was recently featured in an article from a PBS station in San Francisco doing a story about maker projects in rural schools. Read the article about how Corvallis High School and other rural schools are using maker projects to help their communities while teaching skills for the future.

Big Idea #2 - March Madness in the Classroom?

March Madness' Selection Sunday was March 12th and many people (students and teachers included) are eagerly filling out their tournament brackets. One teacher spun the March Madness bracket selection process into a fun teaching tool for his AP Literature class with great success. Read the article to learn how he did it and how the idea can be used in other subject areas.

Big Idea #3 - Three Fun Riddles Filled With Math Problem Solving

In honor of Pi Day, March 14th, here are three fun riddles filled with math problems for you and your students to try and solve. One riddle is attributed to Einstein. The riddles deal with the probability odds as well as graph theory. Note: the 3 Big Ideas editor did not get any of the riddle answers right ;0)

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