Just a reminder that the School Discipline application is currently open and due in our office by the end of business day on Friday, June 30, 2017.  Schools need to report on the following information.


Any incident that takes place during the reporting period that:

·         results in an outofschool suspension or expulsion, regardless of the length of time, for any enrolled student; or

·         results in an inschool suspension, regardless of the length of time, for an enrolled student with a disability*; or

·         involves weapons, drugs, or violence in which the perpetrator is a nonstudent (someone not enrolled in the school such as a former student who has graduated or dropped out, or someone unknown to the school).


* Inschool suspensions may also be entered for regular ed students; however, only the special ed incidents are required for federal reporting.


For those users who are using Infinite Campus (AIM) as their student data records management system, please note that the Behavior module in that system is not where you log information for the OPI.  You can use that system, but will need to repeat the procedure in the below URL:


If you are unsure who in your school district has access to the system, please contact either Mary Graff at , 406-444-0685, or Anne Rainey at, 406-444-4430.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me


Happy Spring!

Mary Graff

Special Education Data Specialist

Montana Office of Public Instruction


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