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Big Idea #1 - National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, and the Academy of American Poets has 30 unique ways of celebrating poetry. Visit their website, poets.org, to learn more about National Poetry Month and other educator resources about poetry. They have a Poem-A-Day section where today's talented poets publish a new poem every day.

Big Idea #2 - School Library Month

April is also School Library Month. This year's theme from the American Association of School Librarians is Because School Libraries Empower Students. The Martian author Andy Weir is this year's national spokesperson for National School Library Month. Visit the American Association of School Librarians website for information about School Library Month and complementary webinars.

Big Idea #3 - Montana State University offerings

  • MSU Billings is offering three, 9-credit graduate courses this summer (Art, English/Writing, and Political Science). These classes are FREE for qualifying MT teachers and offered at a greatly reduced rate for all others! ($388-$523/class). Courses are hybrid offerings, one week face-to-face intensive (June 11-17 or July 16-22nd) followed by online coursework. Free or low cost on-campus housing and meals available for participants. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity! Enrollment ends May 1stLearn more: http://www.msubillings.edu/extendedcampus/DualCredit.htm.

  • MSU-Bozeman hosts a STEM camp for middle school students June 25-30 and is encouraging applications from students who have not had the chance to attend a university program or STEM camp before. Through exciting classes and evening activities, the camp, called MSU Explore: Earth and Space Science, introduces students to STEM careers and role models as well as college life. Applications are due April 28. Two adult recommendations are required. Visit http://eu.montana.edu/explore or contact Nicole Soll at (406) 994-6633 or Nicole.soll1@montana.edu. The camp is hosted by MSU Extended University in collaboration with NASA Science Mission Directorate Education and the Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline (NESSP) program.


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