RE:  Procedural Safeguards Document

The new Procedural Safeguards document is not designed to be printed as a pamphlet.  The font that was used was the smallest allowed under the ADA accessibility guidelines for publication on the web.  Using a larger font makes designing the document as a pamphlet much less useful, as it still takes up many pages.

Under the IDEA, documents can be provided electronically to the parents if they agree to that method.  Districts are encouraged to either e-mail the parents a PDF of the document, or a link to the document on our website as frequently as possible.  Also, many districts provide the document to the parents much more frequently than necessary. It is only required:

• At least once per year

• Upon initial referral or parental request for evaluation

• Upon request by a parent

• Upon the first occurrence of the filing of a complaint with the OPI

• Upon disciplining a student and the decision is made to change the student’s placement because of the student’s violation of a school code

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Frank Podobnik
Division Administrator
Special Education Division
Montana Office of Public Instruction

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