Big Idea #1 - Need Math? Need Renewal Units? STREAM has Summer Online Modules!

The STREAM Project is offering a full summer schedule of online modules for K-12 mathematics! STREAM modules are FREE ­and worth 15 OPI renewal units upon completion. Elementary STREAM modules always fill quickly, so register early! And encourage middle and high school teachers to sign up and enjoy rich conversations, free resources, and relevant mathematics.

Registration for these JUNE modules opens Friday, May 26. Each module will run for three weeks, June 12 – June 30

  • Geometric Thinking (grades K-3): Big ideas, van Hiele theory, spatial reasoning, and shape shifting with two-dimensional objects.
  • Geometric Thinking (grades 4-7): A more advanced look at composition and classification in the context of learning progressions. 
  • Movin’ Around: Transformations (grades 7-9): Rigid motions and relationships, student misconceptions, and informal proof.
  • Geometry: Transformations (grades 9-12): Using transformations and GeoGebra to prove properties,congruence, and similarity.

Registration for these JULY modules opens Friday, June 23. Each module will run for three weeks,  July 10 – July 28.

  • Algebraic Thinking (grades K-5): A gentle introduction to concepts and habits of mind that prepare young students for algebra.
  • Algebraic Thinking (grades 6-7): An intriguing blend of reasoning, questioning and manipulating expressions/equations.
  • Straight Talk: Linearity (grades 7-9): A delightful investigation of that components and behavior of  linear functions.
  • Functions as Objects (grades 9-12): A study of how functions function both algebraically and geometrically.

Register at OPI's Teacher Learning HubClick on "Facilitated Courses,” then ‘Academic Content Areas,” then “Mathematics.” Read more about how STREAM modules work

Big Idea #2 - International Space Station Opportunity

The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE) and the the Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education have an opportunity for student teams in grades 5-12 to work with an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) when the ISS is in orbit for its 12th mission in 2018. The NCESSE is accepting microgravity experiment proposals designed by student teams for the astronauts to work on with the students. The deadline for submitting the proposal is June 15, 2017. Visit the NCESSE's website for more information about this special opportunity.

Big Idea #3 - 3 Surprising Reasons Students Don't Get into Top Colleges

Getting through high school is stressful enough without adding in the challenges of getting into the college of one's dreams. The Cult of Pedagogy's Jennifer Gonzalez interviewed former Cornell admissions interviewer Shirag Shemmassian about the three reasons why students don't get into the country's top colleges. Read the article about what those three reasons are and how students can improve their chances of getting into the college of their dreams.

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