Big Idea #1 - Virtually Guided Group Courses - What are they?

These courses blend the convenience of online learning with the power of collaborative learning.  Sessions are guided by the course, but the majority of the learning takes place through the interaction of a group in a face to face setting.  Gather a group of teachers, pull up the course on a projector, and follow along.  This is a great place to start if you or your staff are hesitant about online learning. Learn more or register for the Virtually Guided courses here.

Big Idea #2 - Upcoming Facilitated Courses

STREAM Math Courses (15 renewal units each)

·         July 10th – 28th, click here for more information or to register.

  •       Algebraic Thinking (K-5)

  •       Algebraic Thinking (6-7)

  •       Straight Talk: Linearity (7-9)

  •       Functions as Objects (HS)

Introduction to Teaching Health Science as a Career Pathway (20+ renewal units)

  • July 10th- 21st, click here for more information or to register.

  • With the right qualifications you can also do a job shadow, earn 30 renewal units, and apply for a class 4A Health Science Endorsement – or just take the course for 20 renewal units.  

  • Contact Renee Erlandsen with questions, (406) 994-6986, or

Big Idea #3 - Our Platform: Moodle

The OPI Teacher Learning Hub is built with the Moodle platform.  Moodle is unique among learning management systems because it was created out of the philosophy of social constructivism:  we learn better when we learn together.  Read about how Moodle is used around the world in inspiring and unique ways.  We’re glad to be part of the worldwide Moodle community.

Visit us at to set up an account and sign up for courses.  Click here for a full course catalog.

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