The ESEA/ESSA Consolidated Application for school year 2017-18 federal funds has been opened in Egrants.  The consolidated application contains funds for Title I, Part A; Title II, Part A, Title III, Title IV, and Title V.  Even though the application is open, it cannot be submitted at this time.  The OPI has received final allocations for Title I, II, and III, but the United States Department of Education has not released the Title IV or Title V allocations.  Title IV is a new grant authorized under the ESSA, and Title V was previously named Title VI B.  Please note the following dates: 


September 1-Last date to amendment the previous year’s Egrant application

September 15-Last date to open a 2017-18 Egrant Consolidated application

October 31-Last date to submit a 2017-18 Egrant Consolidated application


If you have questions, please contact the Title I Unit at 406-444-5660 or