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Big Idea #1 - Ending Behavior Awards Idea

Rewarding good behavior is commonplace in every school at every grade level. Even the hard-to-reach kids will work for a good behavior award. But what happens when you remove those external rewards for good behavior? One high school in Missouri replaced behavior awards with a focus on character building and students' internal motivations for good behavior. Read the article to learn the results of this paradigm shift.

Big Idea #2 - Helping Teachers Thrive

Change during a new school year is inevitable and can lead to teacher burnout by the end of the school year. Read the article about five ways principals and administrators can help teachers thrive in an ever-changing education landscape.

Big Idea #3 - Managing Change

Change is an inevitable part of the education landscape. Managing that change can challenging in and of itself. One teacher found that by focusing on three key things, change was much more manageable to handle.  Read the article to find out how focusing on the three things worked for him.

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