Dear Partners in Education,                                                                              September 14, 2017



Montana’s State Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act is now submitted:

Thank you to all the staff at the OPI for working continually on ESSA:

The OPI appreciates the ongoing efforts across every division in the agency to create a comprehensive, accurate, and technical document to submit to the Department of Education.  


Thank you to our Partners in Education for the ongoing input and collaboration:

Over last two weeks many ESSA discussions occurred between the Governor’s Office, Statewide PTA, the Board of Public Education, Legislators, School Counselors and Psychologists, various school superintendents, leadership teams, and our MT-PEC partners. Changes have been made to honor and include suggestions from these groups and organizations; input and feedback was valued and used. The OPI appreciates your participation!


New ESSA Information

Next week new information and a Power Point you can share with staff will be sent to you and new documents will be posted on the website!



Please send questions to