Egrant Instructions for Title IV and V Funds

Districts may now submit their Egrant Consolidated Application for SY 2017-18. Please note that all districts that received a Title I, Part A allocation last year have now been allocated Title IV funds. These funds will need to be added to your application before submission. The OPI would like to point out that the Title IV funds are preliminary, and the allocation could go up or down in the next few months. Finally, Title IV funds must be moved to either Title I or Title II, or they can be refused. Title V funds (RLIS), are only for a small number of districts. Egrants can be accessed on the OPI website by clicking on Leadership, then Finance and Grants, (Egrants), Existing Users, and (Login).

Listed below are the directions for receiving Title IV funds.

  1. Login to Egrants, select the SY 17-18 application, and open it.
  2. Go to Page Lock Control and unlock the application, if necessary.
  3. Click on the Program Selection page and Accept or Refuse Title IV and/or Title V funds. If the district refuses funds skip down to number 12.
  4. Go to the dropdown box in the upper, right-hand corner and go to Title IV.
  5. Click on the Program Selection button and check the radio button to agree to move funds to Title I or II.
  6. Go back to the dropdown box in the upper, right-hand corner and return to the ESEA/ESSA Consolidated Application.
  7. Click on the funding tab and move the Title IV funds to either Title I or II. Make sure of your school’s status of Targeted Assistance or Schoolwide. Then calculate and save the page.
  8. If you have a participating private school, complete the Private/NonPublic School Participation tab for Title IV. This will affect how much you can transfer to schoolwide programs if your district has any.
  9. Return to the dropdown box in the upper, right-hand corner and complete either the Title I A-Basic and/or Title I A-Schoolwide Budget Detail pages.
  10. If applicable, go to the Title V application in the dropdown box.  If all schools in the district operate a schoolwide Title I program, the district must move all funds to schoolwide on this page and again on the funding page on the ESEA/ESSA Consolidated application. 
  11. Districts with a mixture of Targeted Assistance and Schoolwide Programs may choose where to put their funds between each program or complete the Title V application.
  12. Return to the ESEA/ESSA Consolidated Application, click on the submit tab, and run the Consistency Check. If the application can be submitted, a Submit the Application to the OPI button will appear. If there are errors, a detail list will appear in red letters. If you need assistance, contact the OPI.

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