During the past year, we have been working with Infinite Campus (IC), the vendor of the Achievement in Montana (AIM) system, to get the school discipline application up and running in the AIM system. Starting with this 2017-18 school year, you will be reporting all discipline incidents into your local AIM site in the Behavior module.


As many of you are aware, the AIM system was created to help the OPI centralize systems into one data warehouse. School discipline will be the first piece in the special education area to move into this system.


As a district, the benefits to you will be that you only need to log into your local AIM system to enter any behavior incidents, thus removing the need for a separate password. Districts will also be assigning their staff locally to this module, which will alleviate any of the paperwork that had to be sent to our office in the past. Each staff member will have to be setup in the system with the proper tool rights assigned.


Click hyperlink to find Behavior under the AIM Guides by Topic or Function column. Behavior has reference guides related to the Behavior module: setting up tool rights, event code definitions, and resolution code definitions, etc.


If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Graff,, 406-444-0685, or Anne Rainey,, 406-444-4430.


Thank you and have a great school year!