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Big Idea #1 - When Students Won't Stop Talking

You know the scenario: you ask students to quietly work on an assignment, and it is not long before someone breaks the silence with talking. Smart Classroom Management's Michael Linsin understands your frustration and has some ideas on how to get students to stop talking. Read the article about his ideas and suggestions about students talking in class.

Big Idea #2 - No classroom rules at all?

One high school teacher decided to toss the traditional classroom rules out the window and create new principles on how to behave in class with his students. They came up with four main principles that work across all his classes. Read his article about how the principles are working and the things he has learned about classroom management as a result.

Big Idea #3 - Turn Math Teaching Upside Down

The methods of teaching math have not changed for years: the teacher instructs on how to solve a particular problem, and then the students try solving an assigned problem themselves.  What if the students try to solve an assigned problem they have not been taught how to solve? One teacher tried it, and discovered that by having the students solve a math problem before being taught the solution, it made them better problem solvers. Read the article about turning math upside down can be translated to other subject areas.

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