TEAMS (Terms of Employment, Accreditation, and Master Schedule) Deadline

The deadline to submit the annual TEAMS report is November 1, 2017. The Authorized Representative is the official designee for submitting the annual collection to the OPI.  If you need to request TEAMS user roles, or make changes to current roles, notify Danielle Murphy at, 406-444-1625 as soon as possible.


TEAMS Work Sessions

Two remaining TEAMS work sessions will be held in Helena on October 24th and 26th. To register for either session, click here.

CSIP (Continuous School Improvement Plan) Deadline

The Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) is due October 31, 2017. To access the CSIP use the School Accreditation Page, then click on GET STARTED under the Continuous Improvement column. If you need to request access, contact Patty Muir at, 406-444-4317.