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Big Idea #1 - Leveraging technology at school

Swan River Elementary was recently featured in a article about how schools are using technology like G Suite help their students learn and grow. Read the article to learn how Swan River Elementary leverages technology and G Suite in the classroom.

Also, if you are new to G Suite or want more instruction on how to use G Suite, visit the Teacher Learning Hub to learn more about our new G Suite course, G "Sweet" Sampler Platter. A facilitated version of the course will be coming out next year.

Big Idea #2 - How can we teach Thanksgiving in a socially responsible way

Teaching about Thanksgiving in a socially responsible way means that educators accept the ethical obligation to provide students with accurate information and to reject traditions that sustain harmful stereotypes about indigenous peoples. Check out the OPI Indian Education lesson, 1621 A New Look at Thanksgiving, which tackles some myths commonly associated with Thanksgiving while encouraging students to understand multiple perspectives. In addition, Teaching Tolerance has ideas for educators who want to disrupt the Thanksgiving narrative. How can your school use Thanksgiving to celebrate diversity? This blogger shows how she did at her child’s school.  Let Montana schools know how your school celebrated Thanksgiving in a socially responsible way by posting on our Padlet. OPI Indian Education division also has a new webcast: A Feast of Cultures.

Big Idea #3 - Operation Prevention

Operation Prevention is a free K-12 program from the Drug Enforcement Administration and Discovery Education to combat the growing epidemic of prescription opioid misuse in our country. There is a video challenge for students to spread the message about the dangers of misusing prescription opioids. The deadline for submissions to this year's video challenge is Thursday, November 30th. Visit OPI's Alcohol & Drug Prevention web page for local and state resources on this important issue.

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