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Big Idea #1 - Teaching students to legally use images online

As educators, we worry about students plagiarizing or incorrectly citing someone else's work in their assignments. That issue also applies to using images online in student assignments. The Cult of Pedagogy's Jennifer Gonzalez has suggestions on how to combat this issue as well as ideas for alternatives to online images. Read her article to learn what her ideas are.

Big Idea #2 - Hour of Code is coming up!

December 4th to the 10th Code.org encourages all schools, pre-k through high school, to try out one hour of coding. Join the global movement to get all kids coding. Right now there are 61,957 schools around the world vowing to do an hour of code during the first week of December. Don’t have computers in your classroom? No problem, try the “unplugged” coding lessons. Check out this article for details on how to implement the hour of code in your school. Sign your school up for the hour of code challenge at hourofcode.com.

Big Idea #3 - Expeditionary Skills for Life

Did you ever wanted to know what an astronaut goes through to ready to go on a space mission? NASA and 4-H have joined together to show the skills astronauts use to get ready for a space mission can be used in real life. Visit NASA's website, Expeditionary Skills for Life, to learn about these skills and how they help astronauts to get ready for a space mission as well as for life here on Earth.

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