February 5 – March 13, 2017 

15 OPI renewal units 

All online – no driving or missing school! 

Registration opens January 17, 2017 

For Montana Para-educators and Partner Teachers 

This academy is designed to help para-educators work effectively on a team. This course is recommended for teachers as well. Teachers and/or para-educators may take this course without the other team member, but it is most effective when teams take the course together. The academy consists of four modules of varying length. The content of these modules consists of introductory material regarding teamwork, delineation of roles and responsibilities, classroom instruction, and behavior management. 


 Go to 

 Create an account or log in 

 Select ‘Facilitated Modules’ 

 Then ‘Special Education’ 

 Click the course title to register 

Registration closes February 5, 2017, or when the class is full.