Dear School Personnel,

This email is to provide information on the “Self-administration or possession of asthma, severe allergy, or anaphylaxis medication” pursuant to Montana Code Annotated 2013 (MCA)20-5-420, . Specifically, this information pertains to the possession and self-administration of auto-injectable epinephrine, also known as EpiPens. In reaction to the current high-costs for EpiPens, we would like to provide the following two options for helping parents and guardians save on the purchase of EpiPens or the generic auto-injectable epinephrine. (Please note that parents and physicians must complete a permission form to allow students to carry their own EpiPen, .

The first option brings you to the Mylan Company's EpiPen website, where you can download a Savings Card.

The second option brings Good News

**There is a generic auto-injectable epinephrine out there now, see company website at:

The cost of these generics is less than half that of EpiPens, AND there is a coupon card to download and print on the website that can be used for an additional $100 off of a 2 pack. The website also has free trainer pens available to order and other resources.