Hello everyone, 

On day one, I walked into the Office of Public Instruction and prepared the budget for the 2019 Biennium. Here are a few facts about the budget the team presented this week to the Joint Subcommittee.This is a responsible budget that reflects our mission of Putting our Montana Students First.

A+ Proposed the largest K-12 Base Aid inflationary increase ever
$54 Million last Biennium to $55 Million this Biennium

A+ Restore the Natural Resources Development Payment and Excess Oil and Gas Payment 
$13.8 Million to K-12 Base Aid that shifts from State’s responsibility to local taxpayers

A+ Restore Data-for-Achievement Payment
$6.3 Million direct cut to school budgets and is part of the definition of Quality Education

A+ Proposed an Inflationary Increase to Special Education Funding
$1.9 million in the Biennium

This is a shout-out to our fiscal team members of Ken Bailey, Kara Sperle, Paul Taylor, and Jim Standeart. I know there were countless others who were supportive of the budget development. Please understand this was the first part of the budget process and we will be a conduit of more information throughout the session.

~ Elsie