November 6th thru the 10th is Montana College Application Week, a week for many to reflect on our students’ futures. College applications are a necessary first step and this week is not just for those students who will attend competitive colleges. Have you thought what it takes to make your senior high school student a freshman in College? Electronic transcripts are part of the process. By providing electronic transcripts to your students, you make it easier for your students to submit and track their transcript when applying to their colleges and universities.  Think of all the mail processing time saved on your end and at the university. Think of all the frustration saved for your student who finds out their transcripts have not been sent yet.


The Office of Public Instruction has partnered with Parchment, a leading transcript provider, to provide FREE electronic transcripts to Montana students. If you have never heard of our initiative, it may be time to reach out to OPI before college application week. The process is simple. We work with you to validate and load your data to Parchment. You then begin telling students how they order, manage and track their own transcript from their home computer or their smart phones.


If you are already using the E-transcripts/Parchment initiative you may be already in the process of loading your files to Parchment and preparing to save yourself the time sending paper transcripts. If you are not using the e-transcript/Parchment initiative but would like to, please reach out to your dedicated business analyst to this project, Joe Hamilton at 444-0475 or


Help us help you make your seniors, freshmen. Reach out to learn more about the E-transcript initiative today.