Dear Partners in Education,

Planning Process to Define Ineffective Teacher in the State of Montana

Montana does not currently have a definition for ineffective teacher as the ESSA law requires and the Montana OPI would like to work collaboratively with our partners in education to define this term.This is a requirement of the federal government and must be done per the ESSA law to ensure that low income and minority children in Title I schools are not served at a disproportionate rate by ineffective, out-of-field, or inexperienced teachers.

Step 1: Research Within the Agency (January-March 2018)

  • Take a thorough look at how each state is defining ineffective teacher and take note of models that may work for Montana.
  • Seek innovative ideas from within the agency and state.
  • Discuss the challenges of defining ineffective teacher in Montana and the issues with various models.
  • Select up to five models/definitions that could work in Montana.

Step 2: Collaborate with Our Partners in Education (April-May 2018)

  • Present information, discuss, and allow for input and feedback on various options through multiple opportunities including face to face meetings and online webinars. 
  • Analyze feedback and input.
  • Determine the best process for Montana.
Step 3: Implement Statewide (June-December 2018)
  • Review data collection.
  • Report to DOE.
  • Reflect on data and adjust services as needed.
If you are no on the ESSA update email list and would like to participate in this upcoming work, please notify the OPI at