CTE Data Verification Needed


The 2018-2019 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Student Participation Report Information used for CTE program approval and CTE State funding allocations will continue to be extracted from the TEAMS (Terms of Employment, Accreditation, and Master Schedule) information already submitted and on file at the OPI. 

A few items on the CTE tab will require each districts’ attention now. The deadline for changes to be made is March 8, 2019. Since this data was due by December 31, this will be the only reminder to verify your data. Please share this information with your CTE staff.

The CTE screen is open for edits to the CTE course information offered at your district this year. To navigate to this screen, once logged into TEAMS, hover over the School menu and click on CTE.


NOTE: Your screen will not have the mint green background, this is our test environment.


The information in the third table with course information can be updated. To edit the information, find a course with information to update and click Select. You will see the fields that can be updated directly below the table.



The fields that can be changed are:

  • Total number of students enrolled. If the number of students enrolled increased or decreased, you can make the change here. If the course was cancelled, enter 0 for the enrollment.
  • Class minutes. The class minutes should fall within a reasonable range for the term given, minutes listed are typical minimums.
    • o   Year-long: 8100
    • o   Semester: 4050
    • o   Trimester: 2700
    • o   Quarter: 2025
    • Total number of males enrolled. If the course was cancelled, enter 0 for the enrollment.
    • Taught at an off-site location. If the district has a secondary location where CTE courses are offered, even if they are tied to a specific school, the courses taught at that secondary (off-site) location should be marked “Yes”. All other courses would be marked “No”. An example of this is the Billings Career Center. This is NOT the same as an Alternative Education Program.


NOTE: Courses cannot be added or deleted during the spring update.


Once you make the necessary changes, click Save Course.



Confirm the information was updated in the table.


The CTE information collected in TEAMS is used for Carl Perkins accountability reporting and factors that determine the State CTE (State VoEd) allocations.Therefore, it is imperative that the information submitted is complete and accurate. Any high school district planning to apply for Carl Perkins and/or State CTE (State VoEd) funding for next year (2018-2019) should submit the additional data in TEAMS for all current CTE programs at their high school.

Technical TEAMS questions should be directed to the OPI Team at: OPITEAMS@mt.gov. Questions regarding the Perkins Federal Grant Program data requirements or CTE-related questions should be directed at Christy Hendricks, CTE/Perkins Data Specialist, by phone at 406.444.9019 or send her an email at: chendricks@mt.gov.