To:          Superintendents, County Superintendents, Principals, Special Education Directors, Cooperative Special Education Directors 

 Re:         Upcoming Session of Training Interpreters in Public Schools (TIPS)


Please support your sign language interpreter’s participation in this valuable training.


The Office of Public Instruction (OPI) will be offering a session of “Training Interpreters in Public Schools” in the fall of 2018. This training is provided by the Technical Assistance Center for Excellence in Special Education (TAESE). Participants will experience an intensive program that begins with a weekend face-to-face meeting with interpreters in Billings, followed by five months of supervised study using online modules that aim to improve the signing skills of interpreters. This training will help sign language interpreters working in schools to develop the skills necessary to meet the qualifications required under Montana Administrative Rule. The interpreter’s skills are assessed before and after the training.


The OPI will cover the cost of the training and reimburse participants for travel costs.


Who: Interpreters who have passed the Written Assessment and have taken the Performance Assessment and received a score of 3.0-3.4.


If you are interested in participating in this training, please contact Danni McCarthy at .





Danni McCarthy

School Improvement Specialist

Montana Office of Public Instruction

      • Phone: 406-444-0452
      • TTY: 406-444-0235