Big Idea #1 - How about a Lego Brick Makerspace?

Your trusty 3 BIg Ideas editor came across this article that was way too cool not to pass on to you: a K-4 elementary school in Pennsylvania has a makerspace where the student use Lego bricks to build their STEM and STEAM projects. There is even a place for the students to make animation movies using their Lego bricks and a GoPro camera. Read the article to learn how the school built the makerspace, and found the resources to make it happen.

Big Idea #2 – Growth Mindset and Productive struggle

Join us for Growth Mindset and Productive Struggle workshops across Montana. Participants will learn how a growth mindset affects achievement in mathematics; learn instructional strategies to promote student perseverance and productive struggle while increasing students’ math skills and knowledge; engage in math activities; and discuss strategies that can increase all students’ enjoyment and learning of mathematics. Leave with a toolbox of resources to build growth mindsets and eliminate the “I can’t do this” from your classroom. You also will leave with access to math tasks and learn about scaffolds that build perseverance in your students. Sign up today!

Whitehall: March 10 | Fort Benton: April 14 | Glendive: April 12 | Brockton: April 14 |Drummond April 28

Lunch is provided, earn 6 OPI renewal units, and the event is free! Register here for a workshop nearest you today! Question? Email

Big Idea #3 - A new American Indian Resource

The National Museum of the American Indian has a new resource for educators regarding American Indians. Called Native Knowledge 360 degrees, the website has history, lesson plans, and other resources covering majority of the American Indian tribes in the U.S. The lesson plans are organized by grade level. Information and lesson plans based on the following six the twelve Montana tribes can be found on the website: Apsaaloke (Crow), Assiniboine, Sioux (Lakota, Dakota), Northern Cheyenne, and Annishinabe (Rocky Boy's Chippewa Little Shell Chippewa).

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Pi Day (3.14) is next week!

Celebrate Pi Day and Albert Einstein's Birthday next Wednesday! Tired of reciting pi? Here are 10 fun Pi Day Activities to try out with your students. Teach 7th grade or higher? Try out this pi discovery lesson which leads your students to discover pi. Happy 3.141592653589793238…..!

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