This is just a reminder that all public schools in each public school district in the state, including publicly funded schools, must enter all discipline data in their local AIM site. This report is due in our office by the end of business day on Saturday, June 30, 2018. Events that meet the following criteria must be reported.


Any event that takes place during the reporting period that:

  • results in an outofschool suspension or expulsion, regardless of the length of time, for any enrolled student; or

  • results in an inschool suspension, regardless of the length of time, for an enrolled student with a disability*.

* Inschool suspensions may also be entered for general ed students; however, only the special ed events are required for federal reporting.


For reporting guidance, click hyperlink to find Behavior under the AIM Guides by Topic or Function column. Behavior has reference guides related to the Behavior module: setting up tool rights, event code definitions, and resolution code definitions, etc.


If you are unsure whom in your district to contact for AIM access, please contact either Mary Graff at , 406-444-0685, or the OPI AIM Help Desk at, 877-424-6681.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me


Have a great day!


Mary Graff

Special Education Data Specialist

Montana Office of Public Instruction

      • Phone: 406-444-0685
      • TTY: 406-444-0235