Big Idea #1 - Fun Math and Science Videos

OK Go is a popular band with some insanely cool videos. Teachers love to use the band’s really complex and elaborate videos as a way to teach middle schoolers math and science concepts. Read the article how teachers are using the videos. If you have time, watch the band’s video, This Too Shall Pass, that uses a Rube Goldberg machine. There is even a Rube Goldberg machine contest. This year’s contest topic is Pour a Bowl of Cereal. Visit the contest website for registration information and other details.

Big Idea #2 - Using Fantasy Football as a Model for Learning Games

One teacher is using fantasy football as a means of teaching geopolitics to his students.  The result is his students are engaged in learning about how politics in one part of the world impact politics here. Read the article to learn how he did it, and how much fun his students had trading countries like fantasy football players.

Big Idea #3 - Smithsonian Webinar April 16

The final Smithsonian webinar in the three-part series is Monday, April 16, at 3:30 p.m. This webinar’s topic is "Art as Argument: Contemporary Artists’ Voices." How do contemporary American artists use visual tools to persuade? How can persuasive artwork be a springboard to help students construct their own arguments? Join the live online presentation here: