Big Idea #1 - New Self-paced Courses

Arts Integration 101

Arts Integration Group Course

Google Suite for Beginners newly revised!

Montana’s New Science Standards 201: Three-dimensional Learning

Overcoming ACEs in MT Schools: Childhood Trauma and Its Impact on Learning

Suicide Prevention for Schools Part 1: Strategies

Suicide Prevention for Schools Part 2: Protocols

Using Assessment to Enhance Writing in Grades K-8

Big Idea #2 - Upcoming Facilitated Courses

Student Created Digital Learning Portfolios, new! May 14th - June 10th, 15 Renewal Units

  • Registration is open!

3D Science Implementation Mentorship, June 4th - July 13th, 24 Renewal Units

  • Registration opens May 18th

Math Courses, June 11th - June 29th, 15 Renewal Units each

  • Registration opens May 21st

  • STREAM: Geometric Thinking (K-3)

  • STREAM: Geometric Thinking (4-7)

  • STREAM: Exploring Transformations (7-9)

  • STREAM: Transformations and Proofs (HS)

  • STREAM: Mathematical Modeling (HS) new!

It’s Your First Year Teaching, Now What!?, June 11th - July 21st, 12 Renewal Units

  • Registration opens May 28th

Teaching and Assessing English Learners, June 18th - July 31st, 35 Renewal Units

  • Registration opens May 20th

Big Idea #3 - Featured Course for Administrators  

Science Standards for Principals: A 10,000’ View

The purpose of this 3-hour, self-paced course is to provide time to explore and discuss the components of implementing the new science standards. Throughout the course, there are many opportunities to not only learn more about the Montana Science Content Standards, but also think strategically about how you might introduce them in your school.

This course was created for principals, by a principal (Morning Star Elementary Principal Robin Arnold). We also have a 4 course series for teachers, totaling 8 hours, on the various stages of implementing Montana’s new science standards.

Visit us at to set up an account and sign up for courses.  Click here for a full course catalog.

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