With summer just around the corner, now is the time to engage in meaningful FREE summer online learning from the comfort of your own home!

#1 - New Self-paced Courses

Self-paced courses allow you to complete the course work on your own schedule. Adding to our bank of over 50 courses, check out these 2 new self-paced courses!

ELP 101: Serving English Learners in Montana’s Schools (5 renewal units)

Information Sharing: HIPAA & FERPA for Schools (2 renewal units)

#2 - Summer Facilitated Courses

Facilitated courses allow you to take a course at the same time as a cohort of peers and have a mentor who provides feedback. Don’t miss out! Save your spot for these limited enrollment courses by signing up today!  

3D Science Implementation Mentorship, June 4 - July 15 (24 renewal units)

Math Courses, June 11-29 (15 renewal units each)

  • STREAM: Geometric Thinking (K-3)

  • STREAM: Geometric Thinking (4-7)

  • STREAM: Movin’ Around Transformations (7-9)

  • STREAM: Geometry Transformations (HS)

  • STREAM: Mathematical Modeling (HS) new!

  • More coming in July!

It’s Your First Year Teaching, Now What!?, June 11 - July 21 (12 renewal units)

Teaching and Assessing English Learners, June 18 - July 31 (35 renewal units)

#3 - Featured Courses: Gifted & Talented

This pair of self-paced courses was created in collaboration with OPI, University of Montana-Western Associate Professor Estee Aiken, and Southwest Montana School Services (SWMSS). Explore the often misunderstood sub-populations of gifted students. Then examine strategies for guiding these students into content with greater depth and complexity.

Introduction to Gifted Students (4 renewal units)

Gifted and Talented: Depth and Complexity (1 renewal unit)

Visit us at www.opi.mt.gov/learninghub to set up an account and sign up for courses.  Click here for a full course catalog.

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