Big Idea #1 - Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Stress is the number one reason for burnout among teachers and schools leaders. Some schools are using emotional intelligence training help teachers and school leaders combat the issue of stress in and out of the classroom. Read the article about how one school district is using emotional intelligence training to get their school year off to a good start

Big Idea #2 - A unique way to build literacy skills

One unique way to build literacy skills in high school students to is have a mock trial. The preparation for a mock trial requires students to closely read the trial materials as well as craft questions to ask witnesses. Read the article to learn how one high school teacher used the mock trial in his classroom. The article also contains a link to a resource of free mock trial materials.

For your information, the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana is hosting its Montana Judicial Institute for middle school and high school teachers October 3-5, 2018 at the University of Montana School of Law in Missoula. Visit the district court's website for details and registration information. Participants can choose between 16 OPI renewal units or 1 graduate credit through the University of Montana.

Big Idea #3 - Six Strategies to Help the Introverts in Your Classroom

Students in the classroom have a variety of temperaments, running from the extrovert to those who are highly sensitive to noise and visual distraction. The introverted student sometimes gets lost in the mix of classroom temperaments. One introverted teacher has developed six strategies to help those introverted students in the classroom. Read the article to learn the six strategies she developed and how these strategies help the introverted student.

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